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2023 Summer Seminars

Published January 20, 2023
An amazing start to 2023 for the GJCRM team, with our Summer Seminars being bigger and better than ever!!

Thank you to all to attended and presented and a special thanks to our guest speakers, Emma Beckett who gave us a fascinating insight into her work on stone structures across Murujuga and Prof. Richard Vokes, who presented on some of his recent research in East Africa and Phil Davies who presented on his recent Masters research.

Thanks also to Jo Thompson, Diana Neuweger and Phil Davies as they presented on the upcoming changes to WA heritage legislation, what it all means and its potential impacts across the heritage industry.
This opened up an active discussion about the future of cultural heritage works within WA amongst PBC’s, Proponents and Consultants and hopefully we can continue to facilitate these kinds of discussions later in the year.
We would also like to especially thank the Milkmaid coffee bar for providing an amazing selection of food for our event and we look forward to doing it all again next year

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