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Specialised Services

At Echoes Cultural Heritage Management, our specialised services encompass a wide range of archaeological and cultural resource management practices that safeguard significant sites in Western Australia. Understand the historical and cultural impact of your project and respect all stakeholders involved.


Understanding and Respecting
Traditional Lands

The specialised services that we offer are all tailored to cater to your diverse heritage demands. We navigate the intricacies of Native Title, constructing connection reports to foster a deeper understanding for native title claimants. Our historical research highlights past narratives and heritage values of Aboriginal Australians, laying down a robust foundation for positive heritage outcomes. Through desktop research, we aggregate data from diverse sources to explore the context for heritage surveys.

As we gather insights, our focus sharpens on fostering collaboration to ensure our findings resonate with all involved stakeholders, culminating in a comprehensive research report that serves as a beacon for informed decision-making and sustainable cultural heritage management.

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The Specialised Services We Offer
We offer Native Title research services dedicated to assisting Traditional Owners in their Native Title applications. A key component of our service is the preparation of Connection Reports, which are crucial in establishing the relationship between Aboriginal Australians and the land or waters being claimed. Our professional team conducts thorough research, examines Native Title holder's materials, delves into historical and field data, and provides anthropological insights. Through our service, we strive to uphold the rich cultural heritage and connections of the Aboriginal people to their land, ensuring their Native Title claims are well-substantiated and legally sound.
We orchestrate the planning, coordination, and execution of cultural resource projects for a seamless operation. We ensure efficient resource allocation and strict adherence to compliance requirements, while proactively managing risks. Through effective communication and quality control, we keep all stakeholders informed and maintain high standards of work. Our service encapsulates thorough documentation and timely reporting, paving the way for successful project completion, evaluation, and the sustainable management of cultural resources.
Our ethnographic research service delivers in-depth analysis to cultivate a profound contextual comprehension of both historical and modern-day Aboriginal and Australian cultures. This aids in recognising and evaluating the cultural significance of intangible heritage, leading to robust management results. These outcomes encompass the promotion and acknowledgment of First Nations' culture and history.
We provide a comprehensive archaeological excavation service, meticulously uncovering and analysing buried cultural artefacts and materials. This service not only clarifies historical narratives but also significantly aids in preservation efforts, especially crucial in areas facing development. We offer a pathway to responsibly explore and preserve the historical essence of the land, providing invaluable insights that can inform planning, enhance cultural appreciation, and contribute to a well-rounded understanding of our shared heritage.
By utilising existing records, databases, and GIS technology, our team gathers essential site information, identifies potential archaeological sites, and provides a historical context. This preliminary assessment is documented in a concise report and informs you on further fieldwork planning, which aids in efficient and informed decision-making for your project.
Our cultural heritage impact assessment (CHIA) service evaluates the potential impacts of proposed developments on cultural heritage resources. Beginning with identifying relevant heritage resources, we assess the potential impacts, consult with stakeholders, and propose mitigation measures to preserve the cultural heritage. This service ensures informed decision-making, legal compliance, and fosters responsible development that values and protects cultural heritage, thereby contributing to the project's success and community acceptance.

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