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Specialised Services

At Echoes Cultural Heritage Management, our team of archaeologists, anthropologists and project managers also offer a wide range of specialised services.



Understanding and Working
with the Past

The specialised services that we offer are all tailored to cater for a variety of heritage requirements including but not limited to: ethnographic and native title research and reporting; Aboriginal heritage desktop assessments; historical archaeology surveys, monitoring and excavations; as well as project management services 

We liaise and work closely with our clients on each individual project that they may need. As we gather insights, our focus sharpens on fostering collaboration to ensure our findings resonate with all involved parties, culminating in a comprehensive report that serves as a beacon for informed decision-making. 

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The Specialised Services We Offer
The team at Echoes Cultural Heritage Management can undertake in-depth analysis of historical reports and collections for purposes related to ethnographic and native title research. Catalogue searches of the AIATSIS online collections can be undertaken, as can visits to various libraries and research centres. Our team of anthropologists and project managers work together with Aboriginal Corporations and Native Title Representative Bodies throughout the process.
he combined experience of Echoes Cultural Heritage Management’s team enables us to provide high quality professional project management services, which ensure the overall heritage process is both streamlined and comprehensive, resulting in effective outcomes achieved in a reasonable time and a cost-effective manner.
By accessing and closely scrutinising available records, databases, and spatial data, our team gathers essential landscape and environmental information, identifies potential heritage sites, and provides a historical context for all desktop assessments they undertake. This assessment is then documented in a concise report and informs further fieldwork planning, which aids in efficient and informed decision-making for projects.
Echoes Cultural Heritage Management’s team of archaeologists are highly skilled in historical archaeology and have a proficient understanding of the Western Australian Heritage Act 2018. Our team can provide advice on the various listings of historic heritage places across the State and can undertake historic-archaeological surveys and assessments of those places as required. Our team are also adept at undertaking professional excavations of historical places and landscapes that hold archaeological potential.

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