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Aboriginal Heritage Services

At Echoes Cultural Heritage Management, our team provides Aboriginal heritage services that deliver efficient, outcomes-focused archaeological and / or ethnographic Aboriginal heritage surveys. We provide accessible reports, specific to the purpose of the heritage survey and are experienced in preparing reports for a range of clients such as industry, government and Aboriginal groups.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Consultation

The team at Echoes Cultural Heritage Management have extensive experience in cultural heritage engagement and consultation, working closely with Traditional Owners, Traditional Custodians and Aboriginal knowledge holders across Western Australia. We are dedicated to building positive relationships with the Aboriginal groups and individuals that we work with.

Our team of cultural heritage specialists provide solutions-based, ‘in the field’ consultation and we maintain clear and transparent lines of communication with all parties. Consultation is conducted in a culturally appropriate manner and we maintain a high level of professional conduct and strive for positive outcomes.

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Identify & Record Aboriginal Heritage
Our field team is highly effective in identifying and recording all types of archaeological places, features and objects. Each member of our field team is also experienced in managing field logistics for surveys, including in remote locations. In addition to providing high quality surveys, the team ensures that safety protocols are followed and that all occupational health and safety requirements for personnel and equipment are met.
Echoes Cultural Heritage Management offers expert-level anthropological heritage management advice and survey services. All ethnographic surveys that we undertake adhere to the various heritage agreements in place between Native Title Representative Bodies/Prescribed Body Corporates and proponents, and we provide expert advice to enable our clients to comply with any relevant statutory obligations while also striving for the best heritage outcomes for Aboriginal people and affected communities.
The team at Echoes Cultural Heritage Management have decades of combined experience in the excavation, salvage and analysis of archaeological material from rockshelters, middens, artefact scatters and historical sites in Western Australia and elsewhere. We work collaboratively with historical-archaeologists, archaeo-botanists, geomorphologists, and rock art and dating specialists to ensure the work is completed with cutting-edge technology and to the highest of standards.
We conduct assessments in partnership with Traditional Owners, Traditional Custodians and Aboriginal knowledge holders that satisfy the mandates of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (WA) as they relate to social surroundings. Our experienced archaeologists and anthropologists undertake assessments concerning the prospective effects that a development may have on the social and cultural fabric of its surrounds. These consultations are based in the core principles of free prior informed consent (FPIC), alongside co-design and Aboriginal-led land management.

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