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Aboriginal Heritage Surveys

At Echoes Cultural Heritage Management, our team is dedicated to providing ethical and transparent Aboriginal heritage surveys to ensure the Traditional Custodians’ heritage and sacred sites across Western Australia are preserved.

Significance of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

With over two decades of archaeological cultural heritage management, our expert team is experienced in engaging with Traditional Custodian representatives and the local community across remote Australia. We are dedicated to the preservation of the country and building positive relationships with all stakeholders involved to advocate for, and respect, the land’s Traditional Owners. Our experience and knowledge of heritage allow us to effectively facilitate archaeological surveys and anthropological surveys to deliver efficient and effective survey results.

Clear and transparent lines of communication are kept, every step of the way. You, and your stakeholders, are constantly updated on survey progress, deadlines and results to ensure your operation runs seamlessly. Our team of technical specialists will provide you with a high-quality case study, with detailed reports including; maps, site plans, and photos which will be provided so you can understand the full picture, down to the smallest detail.

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Identify & Record Aboriginal Heritage
Our team executes tailored heritage survey methods to accurately identify and record the locations of significant cultural areas, places, and objects. By employing state-of-the-art equipment and digital recording methods, we ensure the comprehensive documentation and preservation of these invaluable lands for future generations.
Discover historic buildings, old houses and places that could be significant to cultural heritage. We work with the stakeholders to meticulously uncover sites that could be significant to cultural heritage, ensuring their stories and historical contexts are not lost to time.
An essential aspect of heritage surveys involves the creation of a heritage list of significant places within a local community. This initiative enables communities to recognise, celebrate, and protect the landmarks that define their cultural information and historical legacy.
In partnership with Traditional Custodians and additional land users, our Social Surroundings Surveys prioritise consultations concerning every facet of development projects and their prospective effects. Adhering to the core principles of free prior informed consent, alongside co-design and management, our survey and consultation approaches foster the best possible project results while also satisfying the mandates of the Environmental Protection Act.

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