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GIS and Mapping Services

Through Geographic Information Systems and mapping services, we provide you with detailed maps of your project’s site. Access the exact location data for artefacts, structures, and other significant features with the right tools.


Understand the Significance
of Your Archaeological Site

Use our archaeological expertise to understand the cultural and geographical importance of your project. With our wide range of data collection methods, you can understand the bigger picture of the land you work on. Minimise your footprint and make informed decisions through clear geospatial data and spatial data analysis.

GIS mapping provides spatial information through an established system to map and manage survey areas, sites, and other required features for survey reports. Our dedicated team ensures accurate data management, crucial for informed decision-making and compliance with heritage agreements and intellectual property rights​.

Spatial analysis is a core component of archaeological research. It helps in understanding the relationships and patterns between different archaeological sites and features within a geographic context. We’ll provide you with a clear report detailing the descriptive information necessary for you to make informed decisions.

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Explore your Site with
GIS and Mapping Services
With drone-based aerial imagery, we transmute landscapes into detailed maps, providing a bird's-eye view that's crucial for insightful analysis, planning, and management.
Our digital recording techniques ensure every GIS data point is captured accurately, forming the bedrock of reliable analysis for location intelligence and insightful conclusions.
GIS technology is used to overlay historical maps with modern maps to understand how landscapes have changed over time and how these changes have impacted archaeological sites.

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