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Finding Endeavor

Published February 9, 2022

An intense debate has erupted over the potential identification of the 18th century vessel ‘Endeavor’.

Maritime Archaeologists have recovered fragments supposedly belonging to the famous vessel from Newport Harbor, and both Australian and American Archaeologists have been searching for the ships remains for over 20 years.

The Endeavor, originally the merchant collier Earl of Pembroke, was a British Royal Navy research vessel commanded by James Cook and was first launched in 1764 and became renowned as being the first British ship to reach the coast of both Australia.

The ship was sturdily built with a broad ship with a flat bottom design and was suited to sailing in shallow waters.

In recent weeks the Australian Maritime museum has sparked controversy over the recovered material announcing that they are convinced that the remains belong to the famous ship and that they have identified its final resting place.

The claims have been considered ‘premature’ by the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology project and that more work needs to be conducted on the recovered material.

Read more about this ongoing debate here.

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